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Body Style

MPG City
24 MPG

MPG Highway
34 MPG


Passenger Seating

Auto-Shift Manual w/OD (6 speed)

Front Wheel Drive


Engine Type
Regular Unleaded I-4

2.0 L/122

160 @ 6500

146 @ 4500


Curb Weight
3055 lbs.

104.3 in.

Fuel Tank Capacity
12.4 g.

Specifications above are for standard options

2015 Ford Focus

When the Ford Focus floated ashore in 2000, most Americans were taken back by its angular styling, and funky-fresh interior. Up to that point, American compacts were boring to look at, and sloppy to drive. But this Ford badged Euro-box had loads of style, and it was fun to drive too.

Probably one of the first truly global cars to come from Ford, the Focus employed a fully independent suspension. This setup was common in Europe, but practically unheard of here. As a result, the original Ford Focus handled brilliantly. The suspension soaked up bumps, while dispatching curves with ease. The steering was tight, and communicative. And the brakes scrubbed off velocity without a hint of drama.

It didn't take long for Americans to embrace Ford of Europe's best seller. Now in its third generation, nearly 200k copies of the Ford Focus found new homes in the 2015 model year. But that's not really a surprise considering the depth of the Focus lineup.

Available as a 5-door hatchback, or a 4-door sedan, the 2015 Ford Focus can be outfitted for nearly any taste. From Cheap & Cheerful, to Monstrously Powerful, you can find a Focus to suit your needs.

Cheap & Cheerful - The 2015 Ford Focus S & 2015 Ford Focus SE ($16k-$19k) provide affordable transportation, without skimping on the goodies. The S sedan comes with essentials like keyless entry, and power front windows. The 2015 Ford Focus SE adds full power equipment, Ford Sync, Bluetooth, and automatic headlights.

McLuxury Special - Available in sedan & hatchback form, the 2015 Ford Focus Titanium ($23k-$24k) is designed to make a middle-manager feel like the boss. To that end, there's heated, power adjusted leather seats, an upgraded 10-speaker Sony audio system, keyless ignition, dual-zone climate control, reverse parking sensors, ambient lighting, fancy stainless trim, sporty 17" wheels, and upgraded exterior trim. Options include a sunroof, navigation, remote start, a self-parking system, and a couple of nice looking two-tone leather packages. The 2015 Ford Focus Titanium might be a little pricey, but it's still cheaper than your boss' Audi A4.

Penny Pincher - If you want to get 40 mpg, without buying a ridiculously expensive hybrid, then the 2015 Ford Focus SFE is for you. This low-tech high-mileage Focus is actually just a special aero trim package available on the 2015 Ford Focus SE. By reducing wind drag, the slippery 2015 Ford Focus SFE gets an impressive 28 city / 40 hwy / 33 combined.

Besides the SFE (Super Fuel Economy), all 2015 Ford Focus' get active grill shutters, which open and close to reduce wind drag by as much as 7%. The onboard computer calculates the optimum balance between engine cooling and drag reduction, then it adjusts the shutters using 14 pre-set positions. In addition to the active shutters, most models of the 2015 Ford Focus also get special wheel well, and rear wind deflectors. These aerodynamic tweaks not only improve fuel economy, but reducing wind drag makes the cabin a lot quieter too.

Lean, Mean, Blue/Green Machine - If you've always wanted an electric car, but don't want the odd looks of a Mitsubishi i, or the insane price of a Tesla, then the 2015 Ford Focus Electric is for you. With a claimed 92 mile range, and a 4-hour charge time (on 240v), the $39k 2015 Ford Focus Electric offers guilt-free motoring, with all the comfort and convenience of a gas powered 5-door Focus.

Fast & Furious - The Europeans have had the bad boy Focus ST for years. And now, we get a turn. The 2015 Ford Focus ST gets a 252-hp 2.0 liter EcoBoost, with an overboost turbo function that extends the 270 ft-lb of torque between 3,000-4,500 rpm, for up to 15 seconds. Needless to say, the acceleration is nearly as intense as the Tangerine Scream paint job. Plus, this scorching hot hatch can achieve 23 city / 32 hwy / 26 combined. And there's even a track-ready 2015 Ford Focus ST-R too.

So what's new this year?

We assume that Ford decided the 2015 Ford Focus wasn't broken. So they didn't 'fix' anything this year. The only notable change was the addition of a 6-speed manual option for the 2015 Ford Focus Titanium (it was previously available with the 6-speed DSG only). Apparently, Ford has been selling a bunch of their Lux Titanium models to former owners of more expensive import cars. They wanted a manual option, and Ford obliged. The lowly Ford Focus sure has moved up in the world.

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