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Body Style
Sport Utility

MPG City
20 MPG

MPG Highway
27 MPG


Passenger Seating

Automatic w/OD (9 speed)

Front Wheel Drive


Engine Type
Regular Unleaded V-6

3.5 L/212

280 @ 6000

262 @ 4700


Curb Weight
4140 lbs.

111 in.

Fuel Tank Capacity
19.5 g.

Specifications above are for standard options

2015 Honda Pilot

Honda's are designed to be "silent helpers", always in the background, making things easier. They're not flashy and pretentious. God knows Honda's never going to set the design world on fire. But they have a subtly sophisticated look about them, which helps them to blend well into Suburbia.

Since they refreshed the 8-seat Pilot just last year, the 2015 Honda Pilot returns with just a few minor changes. Among the changes are a new hi-res 8-inch dash display with a standard backup camera, simplified controls for the center stack, tri-zone climate control, a USB plug, Bluetooth audio, and the ability to upload wallpaper to that big screen on the dash. So no more kid pics covering the gauges.

When they gussied-up the Pilot last year, they shaved off all the sharp edges on the exterior. This made the freezer-shaped Pilot cut through the wind easier, resulting in slightly better fuel economy. And while it may now look like a giant Tonka SUV toy, the 2015 Honda Pilot is only outsold by the Ford Explorer. It's smaller sibling, the Honda CR-V, dueled the redesigned Ford Escape for the top spot on the SUV sales chart in 2015. Proving that Honda knows how to build popular cars and SUVs.

Part of Honda's segment-dominating formula lies in the engineering. Stuff that you don't normally see. Like the engine. 3.5 liters of low-friction, ion-coated precision. It can provide plenty of passing power when you need it (250-hp), and enough torque (253 lb-ft) to pull up to 4,500 lbs. But it can also run on 4 / 3 cylinders to save fuel, resulting in respectable fuel economy figures of 18/25/21 with 2wd, and 17/24/20 when equipped with Honda's excellent VTM-4 4wd system.

The 2015 Honda Pilot 4WD engages the rear wheels as soon as the computers detect slippage. But you can also lock the rear differential with a dash-mounted button, sending torque to the rear wheels at speeds up to 18 mph. A trail-crawling off roader it isn't, but the 2015 Honda Pilot AWD should be able to keep most people from getting it stuck.

Alright, the 2015 Honda Pilot is well made and very capable. On the inside, that theme continues with premium materials, and a well thought out design. The adult-sized third row can be easily accessed by folding the 2nd row forward. Once seated, medium sized adults will find adequate room for short trips. The second row provides Church Bus levels of room, and both rows can be folded flat into the floor, allowing 87 cu-ft of room for that trip to Costco.

Road manners for the 2015 Honda Pilot disguise its real size and heft. Bigger than a midsize crossover like the Toyota Highlander, and smaller than a fullsize-r like the GMC Yukon, the 2015 Honda Pilot feels quite maneuverable, and planted to the road. It's not going to out handle a Bimmer, or out drag a Mustang GT, but your daily commute will pass by in a comfortable blur.

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