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Body Style

MPG City
58 MPG

MPG Highway
53 MPG


Passenger Seating

CVT w/OD (1 speed)

Front Wheel Drive


Engine Type
Gas/Electric I-4

1.8 L/110

121 @ 5200

105 @ 3600


Curb Weight
3010 lbs.

106.3 in.

Fuel Tank Capacity
11.3 g.

Specifications above are for standard options

2015 Toyota Prius

The 2015 Toyota Prius descends from a car line that literally redefined the modern definition of transportation. It began life as just another forgettable-looking compact, that had its own battery pack, for some reason? Toyota had been putting their gasoline/electric hybrid systems in JDM-only buses since the early 90's, and they were regarded as some of the most efficient, environmentally friendly commercial vehicles on the planet. But at the turn of the 21st century, we didn't care about such things. Gas was cheap, and SUVs were plentiful. A Tahoe-based Hummer H2 anyone?

As gas prices started to rise, so did our perception of hybrids. By that time, Toyota had ditched the boring compact look, and festooned their little Prius with its now-famous Kammback design. It had ultra smooth body lines, a teardrop shape, and an abruptly squared off tail. Though many said the 2nd gen Toyota Prius looked like the lovechild of a computer mouse, and a DustBuster, the look was unforgettable. And it helped the little Yoda to become the poster child for "green transportation". Well, it was the look & Leonardo DiCaprio, let's be honest.

Now in it's 3rd generation, the $24,000 2015 Toyota Prius is still the best selling hybrid, ever. Toyota sells around 16k copies of the 50 MPG 2015 Toyota Prius each month. The "Prius Family" has famously grown to include the family-friendly 2015 Toyota Prius v, the tiny 2015 Toyota Prius c, and the 2015 Toyota Prius Plug In. But we'll cover those separately. That 16,000 monthly average sales figure is for the big-daddy Prius hybrid by itself. And no matter how you slice it, that's impressive.

2015 Toyota Prius - What's New?

Since most of the "Prius Family" was either all-new, or significantly changed for the 2015 model year. They all return for 2015 virtually unchanged. Except for some tweaks to the Entune system, which will allow easier iPhone integration.

Last year, the 2015 Toyota Prius got new headlights, a new front fascia, a new front bumper, and more attractive tail lights with partially clear lenses. The 2015 Toyota Prius Two gets last year's inclusion of LED daytime running lights, and the 2015 Toyota Prius Four makes those new headlights turn on & off automatically. An addition also made last year.

Another cool addition that you'll get to enjoy on the 2015 Toyota Prius is the Solar Roof Package. This slick setup combines a power-sliding moonroof, with solar panels that power the ventilation system. Every time you exit the car (and remember to turn the system on), the aircon will circulate air through the cabin, once the temperature rises above 68 degrees (Fahrenheit). You can also activate the system remotely, which will circulate air for up to 3 minutes before you re-enter the car. This system not only makes the car more comfortable, but it also reduces the A/C's power consumption by keeping the cabin at a reasonable temperature.

The 2015 Toyota Prius is certainly an icon. But it's hatchback layout is surprisingly practical, and its fuel economy rating of 51 city / 48 hwy / 50 combined is, well, spectacular.

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